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Rare Condition Health Management Solutions

Rare Condition Programs

Accordant Health Services proactively supports and empowers individuals with rare conditions to improve their total health and manage their multiple and complex diseases and needs. These individuals account for approximately 1.1% of a payor's population but drive between 5 and 10% of a payor's total health care spend.

Our exceptionally high member engagement rates combined with the day-to-day, caring support of Accordant's nurses and other clinical support professionals, leads to the personalized care and self-management capability that individuals with rare conditions need. Ultimately, our clients benefit from more informed and supported individuals, which in turn leads to optimized medical and pharmacy spend.

  • For 19 years, we've accomplished this for our clients through an Accordant Care Team that leverages deep domain expertise and proprietary tools and resources in their tailored support of the individual.
  • Our team of specially trained nurses and other health professionals develop one-on-one relationships with program members to deliver targeted care management interventions via phone, web, and mail.
  • Accordant helps reduce total costs of chronic disease care, a great benefit to your members and others involved in delivering their care.
  • By helping members navigate the complex health care system, we help them prevent avoidable cost and get the most appropriate care for their needs.
  • By partnering with your members' health care providers, we help improve their ability to support these individuals and optimize their outcomes.

Accordant provides a comprehensive collection of 17 specialized programs to help optimize your organization's medical and pharmacy spend. All 17 programs have received patient and practitioner oriented NCQA accreditation, and we've also received URAC accreditation for Case Management.

How is Accordant Care Management Different from Disease Management?

We are intentionally, fundamentally different from what is known in the industry today as "Disease Management" — even those programs that have expanded their scope to some of the less common conditions. In fact, Accordant's proprietary identification and outreach techniques lead to higher engagement, larger and more effective clinician-to-member care ratios, and higher dollar-for-dollar impact than traditional disease management providers.

What makes us different? We focus on whole-patient care (not just care for a particular condition) for these individuals. We personally attempt to reach out to every identified member (not just the sickest or most costly), and nearly 1/3 of those who are eligible participate in routine, one-on-one interactions with our Care Team, equating to an engagement rate six times that of other telephonic models in the industry today1. What's more, we supplement our personal dialog with targeted (web, portal, mail, telephone, and multimedia) educational outreaches for all eligible members. Our objective is to make an impact on your entire eligible population. After all, the entire population of individuals with rare conditions, not just the most acutely ill subset, drives a significant portion of your health care costs.

Accordant's Intervention Strategies are Unique

These conditions tend to progress and become more expensive over time, and the individuals who have them are often challenged to find the resources and care support they need. Physician and pharmacy interactions — while extremely important — are limited in scope and usually insufficient to address every need. Traditional case management programs can help when a situation is costly or complex, but even they tend to be reactive and episodic. And when individuals with these conditions seek information on their own, they often find it limited or difficult to understand and apply.

These individuals need care management that arises from a deep understanding of disease-related treatment options and has the ability to provide comprehensive support for optimal individual health outcomes. Accordant's close collaboration with top medical experts has resulted in expert systems to monitor individual member status, prevent disease-related complications, and reduce the magnitude of crisis situations. We understand the critical nature of proactive intervention strategies and how to make them work with individuals who have these progressive conditions. We forge relationships and strategies within the care team to help ensure positive health outcomes and enhance quality of life.

Individuals with rare conditions need more than event-based or acuity-based care. Accordant strategically focuses on five critical aspects of program intervention designed to reduce hospitalization and ER use, optimize care, and promote self-management. They are:

  • Care Optimization: Interventions such as cost of care support, home adaptations, and caregiver education.
  • Symptom management: Interventions including management or prevention of exacerbations (flares), fatigue, disease progression, pain, and cognitive issues
  • Self-Care: Interventions including fall prevention, diet and nutrition support, assessment of motivation or learning gaps.
  • Medication Optimization: Interventions including adherence, medication options, and cost of medication/site of care support.
  • Co-Morbidity Management: Interventions including those to address diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

We've been at this for 19 years, and while we're constantly evolving and improving our programs, the reason we come to work every day has not changed. We're dedicated to empowering your members who have rare conditions to manage their total health. They get proactive, one-on-one support, motivation, information, and self-care skills that lead to healthier lives; you get the benefit of optimized medical and pharmacy spend.

For more information contact:

Elisa Reliford

Vice President, Sales & Account Management

Phone/Fax 773-638-9191

1 Accordant Data, Member Participation Rates

2. Accordant Data, 1/10-12/12. Unmanaged PMPM Cost of Fully Insured Population

* National Health Expenditures per Capita; Source: CMS


*** Accordant Book of Business analysis

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